Home Inspection Services

Be Right with a Home Inspection
When you are making the decision to buy a new home or to sell your current house, the biggest worry you will have is are you making the right decision. Is this the house for you? Is this the right price? BR Home Inspection Services helps you "Be Right." For you and your family to be right, you must know what, why and how. BR Home Inspection Services is here to help answer those questions, so that you and your Real-Estate Agent can "Be Right" in every decision you make.
Our Home Inspection Services
We offer a wide variety of home inspection services, including Buyers Inspections, Pre-Listing Inspections, New Home Construction Inspections, Warranty Inspections, Maintenance Inspections, and Radon Gas Testing. BR Home Inspection Services also contracts with local service providers to provide you lower prices on any additional inspection services you may need or request. Our home inspections are performed in compliance with the Standards of Practice of Inspector Nation and the North Carolina Home Inspection Board.
Our Service Area
BR Home Inspection Services serves the Charlotte area, typically able to travel anywhere within 50 miles of Mecklenburg County. Call now or Email now to Schedule Your Home Inspection. 803-288-5896